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          Where our past meets our future

          2019 Annual Report

          For six generations, we’ve been a company that thinks ahead. Years ahead for aging out whiskeys. And decades ahead for building our brands, developing our people, and growing our business.

          We’ve long know that corporate responsibility is critical to our company’s performance. It serves the best interests of our investors, employees, consumers, partners, and communities.

          As this next generation begins, we’re pleased to present Brown-Forman’s first integrated Annual & Corporate Responsibility Report. It reflects who we are where we’re headed as we execute our global growth strategy. And it demonstrates our ability to drive great results and create value in our work.

          This report is about what’s new here, and the long-held values behind our company vision. It’s about how we’re continuing to integrate corporate responsibility and business performance into the future. We’re proud of how far our heritage has taken us and how well it equips us to take on the next generation.