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          Banner image of distillery in wooded setting.

          Environmental Sustainability


          Our vision for the future comes from an understanding that our actions to address climate change and water scarcity today impact our opportunities for tomorrow.

          At our heart, we are an agriculture company, dependent on the natural world. Our environmental sustainability strategy aims to protect and conserve natural resources — for our business and for future generations.

          The Jack Daniel’s distillery is passionate about sustainability initiatives. As part of our overall Zero Waste to Landfill goal, the distillery sends 99% of materials from the distillery to be reused or recycled. We have also extended the life of our charcoal mellowing vats, resulting in a significant cost savings as well as decreasing the amount of sugar maple needed for the vats throughout the year. In addition, warehouse improvements have allowed for reducing temperature and thus, the angel’s share, or amount of whiskey lost to evaporation during aging. Learn more about our environmental sustainability efforts at Jack Daniel’s in our?video.

          The exterior of the Jack Daniel's distillery

          A bottle of Herradura tequila

          Casa Herradura is one of Mexico’s most historic and renowned tequila producers, and its ultra-premium product, ranked among the world’s finest, is attracting attention among the next generation of consumers. So is the work we’re doing in Amatitán, Mexico, to ensure the sustainability of our tequila production. For example, we’re finding ways to use agave fibers, called bagasse, that are a byproduct of tequila making, and barrel staves as fuel. We’ve reduced the amount of energy and water required to cook agave at Casa Herradura by 39% and 22%, respectively. Learn more about our environmental sustainability efforts at Casa Herradura in our video.

          While we have long practiced sustainability at Jack Daniel’s and Herradura, we are particularly excited about Slane, our newest addition to the Brown-Forman portfolio of brands. Brown-Forman and our partners, the Conyngham family, have a deep commitment to caring for the community and land. Plans are underway at the new distillery for heat recovery, energy efficiency and an anaerobic digester to convert distillation wastewater into biogas. The facility will also have rainwater capture and restoration of a section of the Harlinstown Stream, including a salmon ladder to allow travel upstream during the spawning season. These and other features will position the distillery for success for years to come.

          Discussion among Brown-Forman employees and other members of DendriFund members

          The DendriFund, an independent foundation created in 2012 by Brown-Forman and the Brown family has evolved to focus on inspiring joint actions to solve challenges related to wood, water, and grains. The Fund brings together diverse but collaborative stakeholders inspired to drive systemic change on a larger level than individual actions can achieve alone. Signature projects include the White Oak Initiative focusing on a 17-state region where white oak grows to assess woodland conditions and produce conservation and management plans. The Salt River Collaborative targets similar outcomes networking close to 30 groups in the Louisville area. The rye project aspires to accelerate the adoption of cover crops with research and partnerships that bring commercial value to growing rye in Kentucky. DendriFund believes that companies, conversation groups, and individuals, through partnership, can leverage the expertise of many to achieve a thriving natural, social, and economic environment for future generations.

          A farm solar panels powering a Brown-Forman facility

          In Fiscal 2017, we completed an on-site solar facility at our Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards in California that produces an average of 150,000 kWh of energy each year. The site has also received certification by the California Sustainable Winegrowers Alliance for its owned vineyards.

          Cover of the 2019 Annual Report2019 Annual and CR Report

          2019 Annual and CR Report
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