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          Letter from Ralph de Chabert, Chief Diversity Officer

          Ralph de Chabert Chief Diversity OfficerRalph de Chabert, Chief Diversity Officer

          At Brown-Forman, diversity and inclusion management is a core competency. It is central to how we function as a company and the key to our long-term sustainability. Additionally, we are aware that as an international company, we need to exhibit a diversity competence to work effectively across global markets with multicultural workforces.

          At a macro level, we define diversity very broadly as “a collective mixture of similarities and differences and their associated tensions wherever they are found.” On a micro level, our definition encompasses:

          1. Leveraging our unique capabilities;
          2. Building the capacity of our supplier partners;
          3. Reflecting the demographics of the markets in which we do business; and
          4. Engaging in supportive community development activities.

          We provide access to a variety of diversity training modules aimed at addressing the various dimensions of diversity to ensure that our workforce is both inclusive and fair. We developed a governance model to ensure that diversity remains an integral part of our business. Our entire leadership team serves on the Diversity Council which develops and oversees our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategy. The Diversity Council also develops plans that are designed to meet the specific requirements embedded within the central four planks of our D&I Strategy.

          We believe that a sense of community enhances our ability to attract, retain, and develop diverse talent and ideas as a source of competitive business advantage. Through employee resource groups, employees support each other’s personal and professional growth and enhance their individual and collective ability to contribute to the company.

          Our employees understand and are committed to our Diversity & Inclusion management objectives. They are energized and motivated by an environment that encourages them to leverage one another’s uniqueness in order to fully contribute to the success of the business. In the final analysis, they understand that we do what is best for the company by doing what is best for one another.

          Sincerely yours,

          Ralph de Chabert
          Chief Diversity Officer