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          Employee Resource Groups

          Blacks United In Leadership and Development logo

          Black United in Leadership and Development (BUILD)

          BUILD is an employee resource group committed to partnering internally and externally to identify exceptional African-American talent, embracing the AA experience and serving out communities. Joining BUILD indicates your desire to engage with an enthusiastic group of individuals who are looking to grow personally and professionally, and apply new and old skills to help the company and the community be better places to work & live.

          PRIDE Resource Group at Brown-Forman logo


          PRIDE supports Brown-Forman diversity and inclusion initiatives by providing a visible, public face to LGBT employees within Brown-Forman, by assisting in recruiting and retaining employees, by engaging brand teams interested in LGBT marketing, and by stimulating education and awareness of the importance and value of diversity in the workplace. It is also a valued resource for any and all employees with interest in LGBT topics.

          Creating Our Path Association at Brown-Forman logo

          Latino – Creating Our Path (COPA)

          COPA is committed to developing and implementing activities and programs that champion and support Brown-Forman’s strategic imperatives. COPA supports Brown-Forman’s commitment to creative an environment where Latinos accelerate the innovation pipeline and are considered a resource by providing a blended perspective on key issues, topics and decisions.

          Growing Remarkable & Outstanding Women logo

          Women – Growing Remarkable & Outstanding Women (GROW)

          GROW is dedicated to providing tools, education, and a clear perspective for women as they work to achieve their desired potential within the organization. Through skill building, mentoring, and information sharing workshops, GROW will leverage opportunities to showcase Brown-Forman as a desirable place for women to work.

          Young Professionals Employee Resource Group at Brown-Forman logo

          Young Professionals

          The Young Professionals ERG seeks to strengthen Brown-Forman by engaging, connecting, and fostering the growth and development of young professional employees. By creating this network we will help Brown-Forman, our brands, customers and partners better understand, retain and reach 21-34 year-olds.


          SAGE focuses on connecting all generations of Brown-Forman employees to share knowledge and experiences across personal and professional life stages for the purpose of enriching lives.

          Brown-Forman BRAVE organization logo


          BRAVE is committed to increasing resources, developing programs, and supporting community initiatives that will enhance the Brown-Forman Veteran experience, educate our employees, strengthen our brands and support Brown-Forman’s overall commitment to being a military friendly company.

          Brown-Forman SPIRIT Resource Group logo.


          SPIRIT is committed to developing and implementing activities and programs that champion and support Brown-Forman’s strategic goals. SPIRIT supports Brown-Forman’s commitment to creating an environment where all employees feel welcome as contributing members of the organization, regardless of their own choice of whether or not to drink.

          Embracing Asian Diversity & Traditions


          EAST is committed to actively cultivating and promoting the unique cultures, values, and traditions of our diverse communities of Asian heritage. We endeavor to challenge stereotypes, to inspire, empower, and educate ourselves and others about Asian cultures and traditions, to celebrate our heritage, and to promote the professional and personal development of our Asian colleagues and communities. EAST desires to share our unique perspectives as a business resource to further contribute to Brown-Forman’s continued success.

          Elephant in the Room: Drinking & Your Career A Panel
          Discussion with the Executive Leadership Team