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          The flags of several nations in front of Brown-Forman buildings


          The diversity of our employees contributes to the individual passion and perspective that creates our unique brand of business. The unique experiences that we bring to work as a result of our differences provide perspective and insight for all of us.

          Our vision is to create an environment where leveraging diversity and inclusion occurs naturally in the pursuit of organizational objectives.

          Our mission is to create an inclusive culture that values diversity and encourages trust, openness and mutual support in order to build high performing teams comprised of diverse skills, cultures and experiences; demonstrate diversity and inclusion leadership across our business; and be recognized both internally and externally as one of the best places to work.

          Our Approach

          Brand building and culture are indelibly linked at Brown-Forman. By embedding a unique, diverse corporate aesthetic within our culture, we speak to Brown-Forman’s enduring values and relevance — creating and cultivating a greater cohesive presence for the company and its consumer brands.

          We are making Brown-Forman a great place to work for everyone. Our focus in this area is on increasing workforce diversity within Brown-Forman at all levels of employment, including senior management and executive roles, for ethnic minorities, LGBT, women, individuals with disabilities, and all generations.

          We are working to increase the relevance and appeal of our brands to diverse consumer groups. Our focus is on communicating the relevance of our brands to ethnic minorities, LGBT, women, individuals with disabilities and all generations so that they will be motivated to try our products and become loyal consumers.

          We believe that extending opportunities to women and minority business enterprises (W/MBE) is simply good business, on a number of different levels. Diverse suppliers often provide companies with cost savings as well as innovative approaches to business. Every time we support a W/MBE we also develop additional brand loyalty which is in direct support of our strategic imperatives.

          We are expanding our community giving to benefit the diverse populations in the communities where our employees live, work and raise their families. Our focus is on increasing our level of corporate contributions to programs and services that enhance the quality of life for ethnic minorities, LGBT, women, and individuals with disabilities. We also encourage employees at all levels to volunteer to ensure our corporate presence is actively making a positive difference in the diverse communities in which we live, operate, and do business.

          For information on our progress, please see our detailed self-evaluation of our performance in Brown-Forman’s Corporate Responsibility report.