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          A bottle of Finlandia Vodka.


          Finlandia? Vodka’s unparalleled quality can be attributed to only the finest ingredients: pure glacial spring water, a legacy of the Ice Age, and six-row barley, which offers the highest quality starch and the lowest possible content of natural oils, delivering a crisp, clean taste.


          A bottle of Finlandia Vodka.


          Natural purity is what we are about, whether it’s our glacial spring water, or our untainted six-row barley, the care we give our pristine Finnish environment. Finlandia Classic is an extremely light and delicate vodka of pure spirit with a crispy “bite” of vodka.

          A bottle of Finlandia Cranberry Vodka.

          Finlandia Cranberry

          Nothing stands between the world’s finest vodka and the crisp, natural taste of cranberry. You see, the cranberry is one of only a handful of berries that grow as far north as the Arctic, so they’re part of our Finnish heritage. Combined with our pure glacial spring water and six-row barley ripened under the Midnight Sun, the bold note of cranberry creates a taste as authentic and natural as Finland itself.

          A bottle of Finlandia Lime Vodka.

          Finlandia Lime

          Lime, a key ingredient in many mixed drinks, is a fresh part of each day’s behind-the-bar garnish. Finlandia Lime offers that same natural taste and aroma. It tastes like the real thing – because it is.

          A bottle of Finlandia Mango Vodka.

          Finlandia Mango

          The Tropics meet the Arctic when fresh, juicy mango joins the world’s finest vodka to produce Finlandia Mango. We begin with our pure glacial spring water and unique six-row barley ripened under the Midnight Sun. The southern mango then adds an exotic aroma and taste to our natural northern heritage.

          A bottle of Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka.

          Finlandia Grapefruit

          Finlandia Grapefruit delivers the light and fresh grapefruit notes with a nose-tingling coolness. It has the bright taste of freshly squeezed grapefruit and the warmth of pure vodka.

          A bottle of Finlandia Raspberry Vodka.

          Finlandia Raspberry

          A rich natural taste of raspberries followed by the delicate suggestion of chocolate—no other taste in the world matches the distinct flavour of our Finlandia Raspberry. The delightful berry warmth enhances the premium taste of a spirit made from pure glacial spring water and golden six-row barley.

          A bottle of Finlandia Coconut Vodka.

          Finlandia Coconut

          Finlandia Coconut combines a blend of natural coconut flavor with premium Finlandia Vodka. Discover the world of Finlandia with today’s fresh new adventure and explore the tropical notes of Finlandia Coconut.

          A bottle of Finlandia Black Currant Vodka.

          Finlandia Black Currant

          Unmistakably fruity with a pleasantly lingering aftertaste, we are proud to present Finlandia Blackcurrant. The blackcurrant is native to Finland, so we’re ideally placed to recognise the world’s most succulent berries. We mix this flavour with vodka made from glacial spring water and our finest six-row barley to make this delicious premium vodka.

          A bottle of Finlandia Nordic Berries Vodka.

          Finlandia Nordic Berries

          Now the time has arrived to reveal yet another natural Finnish legacy, our superb native berries: Lingonberries. Cloudberries. And bilberries, or ”forest blueberries”. These wild berries have been harvested for centuries to be eaten fresh or used in delicious jams. But now we’ve found a bold new role for them—the rich flavor of Finlandia Nordic Berries. A tasty new fusion straight from ancient Finnish tradition. Naturally.

          A bottle of Finlandia Redberry vodka.

          Finlandia Redberry

          The redberry is native to Finland and thrives in northern climates. Like our unique six-row barley, these luscious berries lend their distinctive flavour to the world’s finest vodka. They also inspire Finlandia Redberry’s striking colour – as red as the berry at its ripest, just like Nature made it.

          A bottle of Finlandia 101 Vodka.

          Finlandia 101

          For the vodka lover looking for unmatched strength and purity, Finlandia 101 is produced with the same natural ingredients and state-of-art distillation used in all our Finlandia vodkas, but provides an extra intensity of experience and taste.