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          el Jimador Family

          el Jimador

          el Jimador Reposado begins with 100% hand-harvested blue Weber agave, naturally fermented and double distilled. Then it enjoys a two-month siesta in our own handmade American oak barrels until the perfect moment. The results are worth the wait: an exquisite golden tone, warm seasoned flavors and a smooth, confident agave flavor that really shines through.


          el Jimador Anejo

          el Jimador A?ejo

          A?ejo, which means “aged ” in Spanish, is the best expression of el Jimador. This exceptional award-winning tequila is double distilled and aged, following the traditional aging for 12 months in American oak barrels. Made with blue agave of the best quality and bottled 100% on site, el Jimador A?ejo is an exceptional tequila. Perfect to be enjoyed neat or with ice.

          el Jimador Reposado

          el Jimador Reposado

          el Jimador Reposado is made with 100% mature blue agave, hand harvested via our proprietary production process and aged for two months in American oak barrels. The result is an exquisite golden color, perfectly balanced flavors and an unusually smooth and mellow character.

          el Jimador Silver

          el Jimador Silver

          el Jimador Silver is a young, fresh, and natural tequila. Made from 100% blue agave, this sparklingly clear tequila is double-distilled to remove impurities and immediately bottled to preserve its crisp, authentic character. Its lively flavor and citrusy aftertones make it an exceptional choice for classic Mexican drinks and other festive cocktails.

          Three cans of El Jimador ready-to-drink beverages.

          el Jimador Ready-to-Drink Single Serve Beverages

          el Jimador Silver